Light the Way for Climate Awareness

Our Mission: Mobilize, unite, and inspire K-12 youth for climate action.

And we're built 100% by youth, for youth.


We host seminars, discussion panels, workshops, and other presentations to educate students on climate change.


We spread climate awareness and sustainable living with social media, school-wide campaigns, and local events.


We're an innovative, passionate family that any young climate activist can join.


We mobilize students in organized cleanups, recycling drives, and other climate-related community service.


We bring underrepresented youth nationwide into the larger environmental community.

Our Story

Ignition Green was founded on May 24, 2017 by Matthew Su, a sophomore at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. Together with his classmates, he set out to inspire his generation to fight for change.

Our Team

From programmers to athletes, we are a all-inclusive family of forward-thinking, bright, and bold students from across the nation. And we all share one goal: fight climate change for a better future.

Our Message

Ignition Green was created by youth, for youth. We aim to give students the opportunity—and the audacity—to take a stand for Earth’s future. Because everyone has the power to create positive change.

Meet the Executives!

Executive Director

Matthew Su

Matthew is a senior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Matthew’s passion for the environment stems from his frequent visits to the local park as a kid. He first learned of the dangers of fossil fuels when he visited his overseas family in Beijing, China. “The sky isn’t even blue over there,” he recalls. This led him to develop serious concern for the warming Earth, and since then, he’s been dedicated to fighting climate change and striving towards a sustainable future. He founded Ignition Green in May 2017 to help teens like him join the climate movement and create positive change. Matthew hopes that his work will inspire a new generation of climate activists.

Aside from his environmental work, Matthew is a competitive swimmer and plays high school Quiz Bowl. He enjoys reading in his spare time and studying environmental chemistry and climate science.


Web Development

Parth Ghawghawe

Parth is a junior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. He is director of Web Development for Ignition Green.

He’s been invested in climate change ever since he fell in love with the field of ecology as a child. Parth firmly believes that environmental health should not be compromised in favor of big business or fossil fuels. In Ignition Green, Parth wants to get his hands dirty and fight climate change to preserve the Earth’s valuable and diverse ecosystems. Whether it be voting for local environmental legislation or going door to door to spread climate awareness, Parth is excited to make a lasting positive impact on his community and the world.

Parth enjoys painting, skateboarding, and playing the piano in his spare time. He also plays high school Science Bowl and Ocean Bowl and is a volunteer at CAMP camp.

Branding and Design

Chloe Craig

Chloe is a senior at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas. She is the Outreach Manager for Ignition Green and the chapter coordinator at Health Careers.

Chloe credits her interest in climate change to growing up in Europe. Spending her childhood in a region of immense natural beauty gave her a profound appreciation for Earth and the environment, and she wishes to help children also experience and appreciate the beauty of nature. So far, her favorite memory with Ignition Green is speaking with a fourth grade classroom and engaging them in fun activities to educate them on eco-friendliness. She hopes to create more opportunities where children can learn about real world issues and take action to combat them.

Chloe enjoys playing tennis, volunteering/shadowing in hospitals, and spending time with family and friends in her free time. She is a varsity tennis player, a clarinetist, a member of Health Occupations of Students of America (HOSA), and an active volunteer with Kinetic Kids.


Ben Walls

Benjamin is a senior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. He is the Marketing director for Ignition Green.

Benjamin has always been respectful towards the environment and was raised to be very scientifically curious. His early interest in outer space provided a cosmic perspective towards climate change, and this gave him the realization at a young age that the Earth is a highly fragile and isolated home. He was able to further this interest through environmental science courses as a sophomore and became a co-founder of Ignition Green that same year. Ben believes that climate change should be a common sense issue and the best way to make a change is to inspire other young and intelligent individuals.

In addition to his work in Ignition Green, Benjamin is an avid French Horn player in various youth orchestras and section leader in his school’s marching band. He also loves to study philosophy and the arts for the school Quiz Bowl team.


Jackson Monas

Jackson Monas is a senior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. He is the Outreach director for Ignition Green and the chapter coordinator for John Jay High School.

Jackson’s love for nature stems from his childhood in Colorado, where he spent his time hiking, camping and skiing. However, at 10, when he moved to California, Jackson realized the effects of pollution on the environment. Due to the increase in air pollution and smog, he was often confined indoors because of his asthma. Although, Jackson’s asthma rarely affects him now, his experience instilled in him an appreciation for the fundamental necessities provided by our environment. As a result, he was inspired to help develop Ignition Green to foster the youth’s passion for obtaining a sustainable Earth.

Aside from Ignition Green, Jackson also spends him time conducting environmental and electrical engineering research and collecting recyclables weekly with his eco club. Jackson also loves to play pick up basketball games with his friends. He hopes to become an environmental engineer in the future.


Jack Si

Jack is a senior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. He is the Events director for Ignition Green.
He has always been interested in the landscape of the local politics, and feels that Ignition Green can fill a needed communal niche. Being around both climate change activists and deniers has strengthened his passion towards the movement and has motivated him to push for a world non-reliant on fossil fuels. He believes that through productive speech and refined policy making, we can all begin the journey towards a healthier place to live.
Jack, during his free time, enjoys playing basketball, golf, caddying, and exploring the diverse collections of music genres.

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