Ignition Green Showcase: Taigen!

Taigen Galvan

Today we’re recognizing one of Ignition Green’s special members: Taigen Galvan! Taigen is a member of the Events team under Director Jack Si.

A Lifetime of Exploration

In her free time, Taigen enjoys lounging in bed and watching Netflix. However, you might be surprised to learn that she also enjoys hiking 14,000ft mountains, chasing glaciers, and everything in between! At school, running Cross Country and Track is Taigen’s biggest focus.

Away from the classroom, Taigen is an avid explorer. A frequent visitor to her Mother’s land of New Zealand, where she has driven and explored almost the entire country, viewing Fjord’s, backpacking subtropical rainforest, and conquering volcanic traverse. According to her, she has “conquered 7 14’ers in just 2 years” and “doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon”. Over the summer break, she traversed a glacier on Mt. Baker in Washington. For her 16th birthday, she walked across a frozen lake to the face of a glacier and viewed the Northern Lights while in temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. For her 17th birthday, she hiked rim to rim of the Grand Canyon, tallying up a total of 48 miles in just 2 days. Recently, she returned from Texas’ own Big Bend National Park where she covered almost 30 miles in just 3 days! What a series of athletic accomplishments!

A Passion for Green

Taigen’s interests are all directly related to the environment and the splendor that our world has to offer. Her inspiration to preserve and protect the environment comes from the places she’s been and the people she’s met. In fact, after chasing glaciers, she came to realize that future generations deserve to see what the world has to offer. She engages in a reduced carbon footprint throughout her daily life, influencing those around her in hope that generations also receive the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Ignite and Impact

Ignition Green gives Taigen a platform in which she is afforded the opportunity to engage in youth from an educational perspective. She believes that education is key and that every person playing their part, especially in America where our carbon footprints are large, can and will make a world of difference. Based on what she has seen and learned during her travels and life experiences she sees a way to impact society in a way that can only benefit our environment.

Living Green

On a daily basis, Taigen models environmentally friendly behaviors, most of which learned from her own family. She has become so accustomed to her behaviors that they have become routine. Her eco-friendly behaviors range from not letting a scrap of food get wasted to hanging the clothes out on the line to dry. She passes information and techniques on directly to her peers and others she engages with in hopes to encourage sustainability for the environment.

Thanks for reading about the daily life of one of Ignition Green’s members! Stay tuned for the next one!


Featured Image: Taigen (bottom right) poses for a picture with Ignition Green teammates after a meeting at the park.


Ignition Green Showcase: Kelsey!

Kelsey Xie

Today we’re recognizing one of Ignition Green’s special members: Kelsey Xie! Kelsey was an early supporter of Ignition Green and has since joined the Marketing team to help out director Ben Walls.


Kelsey is an avid musician, beginning to sing at the age of 12 and playing piano at the age of 6. She is heavily involved in her high school choir, and often performs solos and volunteers her time toward the betterment of this program. She plays tennis as well, representing her school’s varsity team for the past 3 years. Similarly, she enjoys taking care of children, spending time with loved ones, makeup artistry, writing, and exploring the outdoors in her free time.

Kelsey’s love for the Earth

Kelsey spent much of her childhood in nature. She went on adventures with other neighborhood children, biked to chosen destinations, and participated in outdoor sports. She has always admired nature, and because of this, she wishes to preserve and maintain its beauty for future generations to enjoy. Due to its detrimental effects on Earth’s flora and fauna, climate change is a “herculean inhibitor” (as she says) to her wish. “Therefore,” she adds, “it must be stopped no matter what!”

Ignition Green Goals

As an Ignition Green member and youth climate activist, Kelsey hopes not only to bring awareness to the subject, but to advocate and inspire more “green” practices and policies. By speaking this gospel, she hopes people will think twice before littering, cutting down trees, driving cars with high carbon emissions, and more. Furthermore, she hopes governments around the world will be inspired to implement more eco-friendly programs.

A Green Future

Kelsey’s neighborhood was once surrounded by forests, and everyday, looking out the car window on the way home, she would delight in the green beauties before her. However, over the years, these forests have been cut down and replaced by newly-constructed buildings, and this, for Kelsey, has been extremely upsetting to see. This experience epitomizes the recurring battle between industry and the environment; one should not be so overpowering. Kelsey wishes to save the remaining forests in the world, and she hopes no other children will have to say goodbye to their green friends.

Thanks for reading about the daily life of one of Ignition Green’s members! Stay tuned for the next one!


Featured Image: Kelsey (center) discusses a new marketing idea with her teammates.