Crush Cans, Fight Climate Change!

Today, we’re taking a candid look into how an Ignition Green member took personal action to help his local community be more eco-friendly.

After previously visiting local O’Connor High School in San Antonio, Texas for a presentation on climate change and climate action, Jackson (Ignition Green HQ’s Director of Outreach) noticed their difficulty recycling aluminum cans. “The students would have to crush the cans with their feet to recycle them,” he recalls. “I was definitely inspired by their efforts to be green, but I was also shocked because crushing so many cans must have been super tedious!” To solve this, Jackson recently returned to O’Connor High to gift them their very own can crusher! “Hopefully this will improve O’Connor’s recycling program and make it easier and more fun for the students to recycle,” he says. He hopes that his actions will inspire others to find small ways to make their community greener and encourage climate-positive action.

Can you think of any ways to help your local community be more eco-friendly? Or have you already taken action on some of these issues? Let us know!

Featured Image: Jackson presents the can crusher to O’Connor High School’s recycling club.


Happy November! Get Ready for Action.

Happy November! As we head into the holiday season, Ignition Green is preparing for a lot of awesome climate action! Our branding team is designing a new t-shirt for a fundraiser, and our marketing team is working on launching a social media movement focused on waste reduction. No matter your age, there will be many opportunities for you to get involved in the climate movement and work towards change. We’ll be sending tons of cool stuff your way, so stay tuned!

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Featured Image: Kelsey from the marketing team works on an infographic for our upcoming social media movement.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We hope everyone is having a fun and safe night tonight.

What spooks you? We can tell you some things that are scaring us:

    • The energy trapped by man-made global warming pollution is now “equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day 365 days of the year.” -James Hansen, Former Director: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
    • 17 of the 18 hottest years on record have occurred since the year 2001.
    • Global temperatures warming by just 1.5°C could put between 20-30% of all species at risk of extinction.
    • In America’s urban centers, where 80% of greenhouse gases are emitted, impoverished citizens live in neighborhoods with the greatest exposure to pollution and the climate.

But don’t be scared stiff! Instead, use this knowledge to take action and inform those around you. And don’t forget to enjoy some candy while you’re at it! 👻

-Spooknition Green


Welcome: Maya!

This week, we’d like to welcome one of Ignition Green’s newest chapter coordinators: Maya Cantu!

Maya is a sophomore at the International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas. Her passion for the environment comes from her travels around the world. From a young age, Maya has traveled with her family to countless beautiful natural places. When Maya learned of climate change and its threats, the thought of those breathtaking views not being there for future generations motivated her to take action.

Maya began studying climate change policy in governments around the world, and strived to find new and more effective ways governments can collaborate to stop climate change. She started a chapter of Ignition Green at her high school to bring together other like-minded and passionate students to share ideas for positive change.

Aside from her environmental work, Maya spends much of her time on the Lee High School Varsity softball team. She is a member of the Youth Activity Council for teen pregnancy prevention, Junior State of America, and the Spanish Honor Society.

Do you want to be part of the Ignition Green family, join our vibrant community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!


Welcome: Kevin!

We’d like to recognize one of Ignition Green’s new chapter coordinators: Kevin Patel! Kevin is a senior at Santee Education Complex in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin has been passionate about the environment ever since his freshman year, when he decided to found the environmental club at his school. Kevin believes it is important for students to learn about the environment, the climate crisis, and the environmental issues that affect communities worldwide. After seeing humanity’s impact on the Earth, learning of the large-scale species extinctions caused by climate change, and conversing with classmates about these issues, Kevin was convinced of the importance of the climate movement, especially to young people. “Everyone says that young people are the future,” he argues, “but what what will that future be worth if the youth aren’t doing anything in the present to protect our planet?”

Kevin joined Ignition Green to convince people of the stark reality of climate change, show that youth do have the power and voice to create positive change in their communities, and fight to make a difference for his own city. He hopes that he can foster even more youth involvement in the climate movement through his time with Ignition Green.

Aside from his environmental work, Kevin is part of the debate club, the feminism club, Academic Decathlon, and STEM club at Santee. He enjoys reading avidly during his free time.

Do you want to be part of the Ignition Green family, join our vibrant community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!

Featured Image: Kevin (second from left) joins LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in a parade for Martin Luther King day.

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Ignition Green Presents to City Council

Youth Declaration on Climate Justice

This week, Ignition Green members traveled to City Council to present our Youth Climate Justice banner from the Rise for Climate march and deliver a Youth Declaration on Climate Justice. The declaration was authored by Matthew, our executive director, on behalf of a coalition of other youth environmental nonprofits here in San Antonio. Young people, despite bearing the future impacts of climate change, are often underrepresented and undervalued in legislation and policy making. We’re glad to be working with young people across the city to make our voices heard by our representatives!

You can read our Youth Declaration on Climate Justice here.

About Climate Justice

You may ask, what is climate justice? The term frames climate change as an issue that is not only environmental, but also ethical, social, and political in nature. Specifically, the ability of a community to adapt to climate change is shaped by factors like race, income, social class, and political representation. Low-income communities and communities of color have the least resources available to combat climate change and, in times of crisis, often receive less disaster relief and recovery assistance.

Thus, climate justice calls for a “human-centric” approach to climate change, protecting our most vulnerable communities and sharing the burden of climate change (and our world’s resources) equitably and fairly. Climate justice also encompasses other concepts like human rights, gender equality, and education. To learn more about climate justice and its role in the climate movement, visit:

The Bali Principles of Climate Justice
The Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice

Ignition Green members Parth Ghawghawe (left), Gabbie Gonzalez (right), and Matthew Su (bottom right), along with members from other San Antonio youth nonprofits, pose with the Youth Climate Justice banner outside city council.

Featured Image: Ignition Green presents the Youth Climate Justice banner at City Council. Pictured: Gabbie Gonzalez, Outreach Manager (center right); Matthew Su, Executive Director (second from right); Parth Ghawghawe, Director of Online Development (far right).

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Health Careers HS Starts the New Year

Our chapter at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas started up the 2018-2019 school year with a booth at the club fair! During the school day, they met eager new members and distributed Ignition Green stickers and merch. “I had such an amazing time in Ignition Green last year,” chapter officer Julia Schmelter said, “so I’m really looking forward to seeing all we can do in the coming months!”

The chapter members also spread awareness about climate change to new and existing students at the club fair. They hope to continue expanding their chapter this year and have many more fun and exciting events like their previous hiking and gardening trips. We look forward to further collaboration with Health Careers HS and wish them the best this year!

Want to join in on the action and be part of the Ignition Green community? Join us today as an Ignition Green HQ member or a school chapter coordinator, or see if your school already has a chapter!

Featured Image: Health Careers chapter officer Julia (right) sets up the club fair table with Jada (left), a fellow chapter member.

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Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice!

September 8th, 2018 marked the Rise for Climate march, a worldwide day of action for climate activists and environmentalists alike. And when there’s climate action, you can bet Ignition Green will be a part of it! Ignition Green members represented youth climate leadership this weekend at San Antonio’s Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice event with our friends in Climate Action SA. We worked with young people from across the city to teach environmentally sustainable habits and design a banner for climate justice.

Executive Director Matthew Su addressed the crowd and spoke passionately about the climate crisis, its solutions, and the hope for change. “First we must ask, ‘Can we change?’ In fact, we have the solutions to the climate crisis in our hands right now, in the form of renewable energy and green technology. So can we change? Yes!” he exclaimed.

“And by taking the lead on climate, using our voice and our vote and our choices to fight climate change, and having the confidence that we can win, we will change.”

Ignition Green is proud to be part of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide fighting for climate action today. The movement is stronger and more diverse than ever, and with your help, we can turn away from the age of fossil fuels and towards a brighter future! Read more about Rise for Climate at

Left: Ignition Green members Gabbie Gonzalez, Ben Walls, and Emily Powell (left to right) speak about their personal stories of climate change and their motivations to take action.

Top right: Ignition Green members Elaine Zhang (left) and Emily Powell (right) lead young audience members in a fun activity teaching the importance of environmental conservation.

Bottom Right: Executive Director Matthew Su (far right) addresses the crowd about the climate crisis, its solutions, and the hope for change. 

Featured Image: Ignition Green members Jack Si, Elaine Zhang, Ben Walls, Matthew Su, and Emily Powell (left to right) join young audience members in creating a Youth Climate Justice banner.



Matthew goes to LA: Climate Reality!

This week, our executive director Matthew flew to Los Angeles to represent Ignition Green at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Los Angeles! With over 2200 attendees from over 50 countries, the training is the largest-ever event organized by The Climate Reality Project. Here, Matthew was trained and certified to be a Climate Reality Leader, pledging to perform 10 acts of climate leadership (public presentations, seminars, workshops, and more) per year.

A Movement for Change

“The experience was breathtaking,” Matthew remarks. “I learned so much about how to communicate climate change to others and build a movement in my own community, and I can’t wait to take this knowledge back home and use it.”

“The thing I enjoyed most, though, was being able to connect with young activists from across the world, bounce ideas off of one another, and work together to create real change. The future is ours, and we’re leading the fight to create a brighter one!”

With the conclusion of this training, Matthew and his friends join nearly 15,200 other Climate Reality Leaders spreading climate hope, confronting denial, and fighting for solutions at every level, from street corners to the nation’s capital.

The Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project, founded and chaired by Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, is dedicated to catalyzing a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. Do you want to help make a sustainable future our reality? Read more about The Climate Reality Project at

Left: Matthew poses with the Climate Reality motto.

Right: The Climate Reality Leaders gather for a group picture. The crowd was far too large for the camera to take in!

Featured image: Matthew (far right) with fellow young climate activists and newly-certified Climate Reality Leaders from across the world.


John Jay HS Prep Days

Our Outreach Director Jackson went to John Jay Science and Engineering Academy in San Antonio, Texas to spread Ignition Green’s message and get the students hyped about environmental science and fighting climate change! Along with preparation for the school year, Jay students were able to learn more about the challenges our climate faces and how to combat them. We wish all students a great school year, and we’re looking forward to further collaboration with John Jay SEA to fight climate change!