Member Spotlight: Parth!

We’d like to welcome one of Ignition Green’s newest members to the team: Parth Ghawghawe! Parth is the Director of Online Development at Ignition Green HQ.

Parth is a junior at Brandeis High School in San Antonio, Texas. He’s been invested in climate change ever since he fell in love with the field of ecology as a child. He firmly believes that environmental health should not be compromised in favor of big business or fossil fuels. In Ignition Green, Parth wants to get his hands dirty and fight climate change to preserve the Earth’s valuable and diverse ecosystems. Whether it be voting for local environmental legislation or going door to door to spread climate awareness, Parth is excited to make a lasting positive impact on his community and the world.Parth enjoys painting, skateboarding, and playing the piano in his spare time. He also plays high school Science Bowl and Ocean Bowl and is a volunteer at CAMP camp.

Do you want to be part of the Ignition Green family, join our vibrant community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!

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Member Spotlight: Chloe!

Today we’re recognizing one of Ignition Green’s special members: Chloe! Chloe is the director of the Branding and Design team at Ignition Green HQ as well as the chapter coordinator at Health Careers HS in San Antonio, Texas.

Chloe is a senior at Health Careers. She credits her interest in climate change to growing up in Europe. Spending her childhood in a region of immense natural beauty gave her a profound appreciation for Earth and the environment, and she wishes to help children also experience and appreciate the beauty of nature. So far, her favorite memory with Ignition Green is speaking with a fourth grade classroom and engaging them in fun activities to educate them on eco-friendliness. She hopes to create more opportunities where children can learn about real world issues and take action to combat them. Chloe enjoys playing tennis, volunteering/shadowing in hospitals, and spending time with family and friends in her free time. She is a varsity tennis player, a clarinetist, a member of Health Occupations of Students of America (HOSA), and an active volunteer with Kinetic Kids.

Chloe (center) and her Health Careers HS chapter visits local Rhodes Elementary to present to classes on climate change and eco-friendliness.


CPS Energy Flex Plan Event

Ignition Green members made their way to downtown San Antonio today to attend CPS Energy’s public hearing on their new “Flexible Path” energy plan for the city! We advocated that CPS Energy revise the plan to better combat climate change in San Antonio by going coal-free by 2025 and fossil-fuel free by 2030.


Featured Image: Members Sofi Angeles, Jackson Monas (Outreach Director), Jack Si (Events Director), and Elaine Zhang pay close attention to the Flex Plan hearing.

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Clean Energy for All!

Ignition Green had an awesome time tabling at the Clean Energy for All Workshop hosted in partnership with Climate Action SA in downtown San Antonio, Texas! We discussed multiple local implementations of clean energy to solve the climate crisis: wider usage of solar energy in San Antonio, going coal-free by 2025, and transitioning to a carbon-free electricity plan by 2030. A big thank you to our partners in Climate Action SA for the opportunity!

Featured Image: Executive Director Matthew Su in front of the event banner.

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Health Careers HS Goes Hiking

Ignition Green at Health Careers HS had an end of the year hike and picnic at the local park this week! The students decided that they needed some time to relax and have fun before the stress of AP testing week, so they chose to hang out in a place cherished by all Ignition Green members alike: the great outdoors! The hike was a great time for the students to reflect on the first school year of the Ignition Green chapter at Health Careers and celebrate all the things they were able to accomplish. Go Health Careers! We’re looking forward to seeing all you can do.

Do you want to be part of the Ignition Green family, join our vibrant community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!

Featured Image: The members of Ignition Green Health Careers meet up at school and prepare to head out on their hike.

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Earth Day!

Ignition Green attends the annual city-wide Earth Day celebration hosted by Westside Dev Corps in San Antonio, Texas! There they meet other environment enthusiasts and publically introduce their mission of incorporating the youth into the green movement. Alongside a funk “trashion” show, earth friendly art activities, and social bike rides, Ignition Green makes a big splash on the city stage. Garnering attention from local college professors and county officials, it is a big step in the right direction!


Featured Image: Events Director Jack Si pours seeds for eager children at Ignition Green’s activities table.


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Health Careers Gardens!

You know what’s awesome? Making the world a more eco-friendly and sustainable place. You know what’s even better? Having fun while you’re doing it! The Ignition Green chapter at Health Careers planted the first campus garden in front of the school entrance. With around 20 Ignition Green chapter members and 15 National Honor Society members helping, the students were able to plant flowers and small bushes and clean up all the leaves around school! “This beautifying project was able to bring together many students at our school,” chapter coordinator Chloe Craig said. “Even cooler, we were able to join two clubs towards the end goal of making our school more environmentally friendly and clean!”

Do you want to get in on the action, become part of the vibrant Ignition Green community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!

Featured Image: Ignition Green members and Health Careers students work together to plant the new school garden.

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Race for Rwanda

Ignition Green teams up with another noble cause and sponsored the 2017 Race for Rwanda! Two of our team members ran a booth at this 5K race, which donates all proceeds to the Africa New Life Family Center in Kigali, Rwanda established for local women and their children. This center exists to “break the cycle of poverty by providing education, spiritual care and basic necessities to children and families”. Climate change is a global challenge and must be tackled by a global community, and education is a vital first step. This event also marked the first sale of Ignition Green water bottles, made to be fully reusable!


Featured Image: Marketing director Ben Walls and member Elaine Zhang smiling at the table.

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Health Careers Discusses Invasive Species

A snapshot

Here’s what Ignition Green’s day-to-day looks like: Ignition Green Health Careers is hard at work at one of their after school meetings. This meeting, we took a small detour from our usual climate focus and discussed invasive species.

Invasive Species

Invasive species are non-native plants, animals, or other organisms introduced to an ecosystem by outside means. Because these species are not adapted to fit into the ecosystem’s food web or fill a specific ecological role, they can “invade” or spread throughout the ecosystem. This often causes lasting damage to the ecosystem, leading to negative effects on the local environment, economy, and public health.

Invasive Species and Climate Change

In fact, the effects of climate change can make ecosystems more vulnerable to invasive species. The changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and nutrient availability stress ecosystems and make them more vulnerable to invasion. Additionally, increasing global temperature and humidity can allow plant and animal species to migrate northward, disrupting colder ecosystems. This is just one of many negative effects that climate change can have on our environment. It’s important to remember that ecosystems and our environment are complex systems and can be easily disrupted by seemingly minute changes; even though a “few degrees” increase in global temperatures due to climate change may seem trivial, it can leave lasting scars on Earth.

Kudos to Health Careers for discussing this important facet of climate change along with their usual planning and coordinating!
To learn more about the relationship between invasive species and climate change, visit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Ignition Green family! Valentine’s day is a celebration of love– love for each other, but also love for our Earth. So enjoy this day, but also remember that the environment should occupy a place in our hearts just as close as friends and family.

Show your love

Here are some ways you and your loved ones can #showyourlove for Earth today!

  • Purchase a recycling bin if you don’t already have one (and use it!)
  • Start a garden with your loved ones
  • Have an organic, sustainably-sourced Valentine’s Day dinner
  • Buy your roses from organic, sustainable florists
  • Recycle all those chocolate and candy wrappers
  • If you’re going to light a candle, go for coconut oil candles. They’re vegan and burn cleaner than other candles!

Love our Earth

When you care for the Earth, you help fight climate change and prevent its devastating environmental effects, creating a better future for yourselves and your loved ones. (And appreciating your loved ones doesn’t get much better than that!) So protect our Earth and spread the love!