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Ignition Green Health Careers visits Rhodes Elementary

Ignition Green Health Careers in San Antonio, Texas made a trip to local Rhodes Elementary to host a day of climate action and awareness for the young students. Students learned about climate change and the importance of caring for Earth. We even signed a class Climate Constitution and made promise bracelets to the Earth, pledging to work towards a happy, healthy planet! We’re looking forward to seeing all these young activists will grow up to accomplish. Go, Rhodes and Health Careers!


Featured Image: The Rhodes ES class poses with their newly made climate constitution.


Second Video Shoot

Ignition Green is back “onstage” to collect more clips for our upcoming video on our mission, purpose, and story. It’ll be the editing stage soon! Thank you to all who participated in the filming, and stay tuned for release!


Featured Image: Ignition Green members Elaine Zhang, Ben Walls, and Kelsey Xie (left to right) prep for the camera.

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Ignite Health Careers!

And we have Ignition! Ignition Green’s chapter at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas has launched. Led by passionate coordinator Chloe Craig, these bright students are fired up about fighting climate change. Many Health Careers students aspire to be doctors and save lives when they grow up, but we’re even more excited to see the steps they’ll take to save our Earth.


Featured Image: Ignition Green Health Careers officers Thalia Stogsdill, Anne Gao, Jeffrey Vanegas, Daria Locha, Julia Schmelter, and Chloe Craig (chapter coordinator).


Welcome Clark High School!

Welcome Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas to the Ignition Green gang! Excited students gathered after school for the first meeting where chapter coordinator Gabbie Gonzalez and co-coordinators (insert names here) presented on Ignition Green’s climate mission and discussed ways to make Clark High School more climate-friendly. Students planned upcoming events to promote climate awareness and actions in the local Clark community. Clark High School, we’re looking forward to seeing you shine!


Featured Image: Ignition Green Clark members pose for a picture after a successful first meeting. From left to right: Gabbie Gonzalez, Mckenna Mosely, Catherine Gibson, Dafne Villanueva.


Beyond Coal!

Ignition Green tabled at the Beyond Coal event cohosted by Sierra Club and Climate Action SA in San Antonio, Texas! We worked with 22 other organizations and discussed how to transition San Antonio to coal-free by 2030, including retiring San Antonio’s two current coal plants: Spruce 1 and Spruce 2.

Coal is one of the most dangerous fossil fuels because its combustion is extremely inefficient, meaning that relatively large amounts must be burnt to produce adequate energy. Additionally, coal combustion releases greenhouse gases (contributing to global warming) as well as toxic particulate matter, which contributes severely to air pollution.

Stay tuned for more Ignition Green adventures!


Featured Image: Ignition Green members Sebastian Lopez, Benjamin Walls, Jackson Monas, and Calli Recore with some Beyond Coal swag!

Climate Action SA

Ignition Green joins Climate Action San Antonio, dedicated to ensuring community involvement and climate justice in San Antonio!

Climate Justice

You may ask, what is climate justice? The term frames climate change as an issue that is not only environmental, but also ethical, social, and political in nature. Specifically, the ability of a community to adapt to climate change is shaped by factors like race, income, social class, and political representation. Low-income communities and communities of color have the least resources available to combat climate change and, in times of crisis, often receive less disaster relief and recovery assistance.
Thus, climate justice calls for a “human-centric” approach to climate change, protecting our most vulnerable communities and sharing the burden of climate change (and our world’s resources) equitably and fairly. Climate justice also encompasses other concepts like human rights, gender equality, and education. To learn more about climate justice and its role in the climate movement, visit:
The Bali Principles of Climate Justice
The Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice

Sustainable San Antonio

Along with climate justice, Climate Action SA is working to incorporate greater use of carbon-free energy in San Antonio. This includes:

  • Going coal free by 2025
  • Closing San Antonio’s two remaining coal power plants, Spruce 1 and Spruce 2
  • Transitioning San Antonio to 100% carbon-free energy generation by 2030

In the coming months, we’ll be working closely with local communities to mitigate climate change and address climate justice issues faced by San Antonio’s most vulnerable demographics. Visit Climate Action SA here.


Video Shoot!

Lights, camera, Ignition! Led by Director of Marketing Benjamin Walls, Ignition Green members met this past weekend to film a video on our mission, purpose, and story. Stay tuned for the video to be uploaded to our website soon!


Featured Image: Marketing director Ben Walls and his assistant Peyton Pfeiffer fiddle with the audio setup.

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We go to Rawlinson Middle School!

Ignition Green went to Rawlinson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas to spread our mission of climate awareness! We educated students on climate change, its causes, and its ramifications, and we held group discussions on how individuals can make a difference for the environment. We hope the students will take these valuable lessons home and help their families and households be more eco-friendly.

But wait, there’s more! This trip marks the beginning of Ignition Green’s new outreach program for middle and elementary schools! High school members of Ignition Green will be taking regular trips to local elementary and middle schools to spread climate awareness and love for Earth to the younger generations. Stay tuned for our future excursions!


Featured image: Ignition Green members Gabbie Gonzalez, Kate Cazares, Catherine Gibson, Dafne Villanueva, and Steven Maclin (left to right) pose for a selfie in the car after the Rawlinson trip.


Public Citizen Texas Climate Change Tour

Executive director Matthew took Ignition Green to Public Citizen’s Texas Climate Change tour, where he spoke to climate leaders from across Texas to promote youth climate involvement and kickstart the development of San Antonio’s first Climate Action Plan. We look forward to helping transform San Antonio into a sustainable city!


Featured Image: Matthew with Luis Castilla, the event organizer. We also had some great dialogue with Councilwoman Ana Sandoval (District 7) and Doug Melnick, San Antonio’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

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Prep Days at Clark HS and Harlan HS

Ignition Green went to “prep days” at Clark High School and Harlan High School in San Antonio, Texas to promote climate awareness and sustainable living! While students collected textbooks and received their schedules for the upcoming year, they also got to hear from us about the dangers of climate change and how to live more sustainably. We wish everyone a good school year, and we’re looking forward to creating even more positive change in the coming months!


Featured Image: Ignition Green members Mckenna Mosely, Dylan Watson, and Gabbie Gonzalez (left to right) working a table at the Clark prep day.