Climate Action SA

Ignition Green joins Climate Action San Antonio, dedicated to ensuring community involvement and climate justice in San Antonio!

Climate Justice

You may ask, what is climate justice? The term frames climate change as an issue that is not only environmental, but also ethical, social, and political in nature. Specifically, the ability of a community to adapt to climate change is shaped by factors like race, income, social class, and political representation. Low-income communities and communities of color have the least resources available to combat climate change and, in times of crisis, often receive less disaster relief and recovery assistance.
Thus, climate justice calls for a “human-centric” approach to climate change, protecting our most vulnerable communities and sharing the burden of climate change (and our world’s resources) equitably and fairly. Climate justice also encompasses other concepts like human rights, gender equality, and education. To learn more about climate justice and its role in the climate movement, visit:
The Bali Principles of Climate Justice
The Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice

Sustainable San Antonio

Along with climate justice, Climate Action SA is working to incorporate greater use of carbon-free energy in San Antonio. This includes:

  • Going coal free by 2025
  • Closing San Antonio’s two remaining coal power plants, Spruce 1 and Spruce 2
  • Transitioning San Antonio to 100% carbon-free energy generation by 2030

In the coming months, we’ll be working closely with local communities to mitigate climate change and address climate justice issues faced by San Antonio’s most vulnerable demographics. Visit Climate Action SA here.

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