Crush Cans, Fight Climate Change!

Today, we’re taking a candid look into how an Ignition Green member took personal action to help his local community be more eco-friendly.

After previously visiting local O’Connor High School in San Antonio, Texas for a presentation on climate change and climate action, Jackson (Ignition Green HQ’s Director of Outreach) noticed their difficulty recycling aluminum cans. “The students would have to crush the cans with their feet to recycle them,” he recalls. “I was definitely inspired by their efforts to be green, but I was also shocked because crushing so many cans must have been super tedious!” To solve this, Jackson recently returned to O’Connor High to gift them their very own can crusher! “Hopefully this will improve O’Connor’s recycling program and make it easier and more fun for the students to recycle,” he says. He hopes that his actions will inspire others to find small ways to make their community greener and encourage climate-positive action.

Can you think of any ways to help your local community be more eco-friendly? Or have you already taken action on some of these issues? Let us know!

Featured Image: Jackson presents the can crusher to O’Connor High School’s recycling club.

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