Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Ignition Green family! Valentine’s day is a celebration of love– love for each other, but also love for our Earth. So enjoy this day, but also remember that the environment should occupy a place in our hearts just as close as friends and family.

Show your love

Here are some ways you and your loved ones can #showyourlove for Earth today!

  • Purchase a recycling bin if you don’t already have one (and use it!)
  • Start a garden with your loved ones
  • Have an organic, sustainably-sourced Valentine’s Day dinner
  • Buy your roses from organic, sustainable florists
  • Recycle all those chocolate and candy wrappers
  • If you’re going to light a candle, go for coconut oil candles. They’re vegan and burn cleaner than other candles!

Love our Earth

When you care for the Earth, you help fight climate change and prevent its devastating environmental effects, creating a better future for yourselves and your loved ones. (And appreciating your loved ones doesn’t get much better than that!) So protect our Earth and spread the love!

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