Trip to Garcia Middle School

Inspiring young minds

Ignition Green hosted its first event this Wednesday, just days after launch! Directors Matthew Su, Dylan Watson, and Jack Si presented to local Garcia Middle School science students to educate them about climate change, its devastating effects, and the actions individuals can take to be more eco-friendly. We also conducted interactive demos with the students to teach the negative effects of climate change and fossil fuel combustion! “It’s important to recognize that young and old, we all live under the same sky, so climate change is a battle we must all fight,” said executive director Matthew Su during a Q&A session. Matthew added, “As young students, we will be the ones inheriting this planet in the next four decades. So climate action isn’t merely an option for us. It’s a necessity.”

Thank you to Hector Garcia Middle for being such an engaging and supportive audience! You are becoming the next generation of environmental leaders.


Featured Image: Executive Director Matthew does a lab experiment to show students that burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.


Introducing Ignition Green!

And we have liftoff!

Introducing Ignition Green. We’re a youth-founded, youth-run 501(c)3 nonprofit for K-12 climate awareness and action.
This week, the Ignition Green launch team spread our climate-positive message and mission across five high schools in our hometown, San Antonio. “Launching was a ton of work, but we’re all super excited to push towards positive change,” says Benjamin Walls, director of Marketing. We may be a small team right now, but our journey has only just begun. We believe that with passion, perseverance, and teamwork, anything is possible– even saving the world.

Support Us

If you wish to support our cause, you can purchase an Ignition Green launch t-shirt or a sticker pack here! Your contribution will help us grow and create opportunities for more youth to be part of the climate movement. Help us make a difference for the youth climate movement and spawn a new generation of environmental activists!


Featured Image: Ignition Green members Taigen Galvan, Benjamin Walls, Kara Hawley, Matthew Su, Jack Si, Dylan Watson, and Cassie Hawley (left to right)