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Member Spotlight: Chloe!

Today we’re recognizing one of Ignition Green’s special members: Chloe! Chloe is the director of the Branding and Design team at Ignition Green HQ as well as the chapter coordinator at Health Careers HS in San Antonio, Texas.

Chloe is a senior at Health Careers. She credits her interest in climate change to growing up in Europe. Spending her childhood in a region of immense natural beauty gave her a profound appreciation for Earth and the environment, and she wishes to help children also experience and appreciate the beauty of nature. So far, her favorite memory with Ignition Green is speaking with a fourth grade classroom and engaging them in fun activities to educate them on eco-friendliness. She hopes to create more opportunities where children can learn about real world issues and take action to combat them. Chloe enjoys playing tennis, volunteering/shadowing in hospitals, and spending time with family and friends in her free time. She is a varsity tennis player, a clarinetist, a member of Health Occupations of Students of America (HOSA), and an active volunteer with Kinetic Kids.

Chloe (center) and her Health Careers HS chapter visits local Rhodes Elementary to present to classes on climate change and eco-friendliness.

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