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Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice!

September 8th, 2018 marked the Rise for Climate march, a worldwide day of action for climate activists and environmentalists alike. And when there’s climate action, you can bet Ignition Green will be a part of it! Ignition Green members represented youth climate leadership this weekend at San Antonio’s Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice event with our friends in Climate Action SA. We worked with young people from across the city to teach environmentally sustainable habits and design a banner for climate justice.

Executive Director Matthew Su addressed the crowd and spoke passionately about the climate crisis, its solutions, and the hope for change. “First we must ask, ‘Can we change?’ In fact, we have the solutions to the climate crisis in our hands right now, in the form of renewable energy and green technology. So can we change? Yes!” he exclaimed.

“And by taking the lead on climate, using our voice and our vote and our choices to fight climate change, and having the confidence that we can win, we will change.”

Ignition Green is proud to be part of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide fighting for climate action today. The movement is stronger and more diverse than ever, and with your help, we can turn away from the age of fossil fuels and towards a brighter future! Read more about Rise for Climate at

Left: Ignition Green members Gabbie Gonzalez, Ben Walls, and Emily Powell (left to right) speak about their personal stories of climate change and their motivations to take action.

Top right: Ignition Green members Elaine Zhang (left) and Emily Powell (right) lead young audience members in a fun activity teaching the importance of environmental conservation.

Bottom Right: Executive Director Matthew Su (far right) addresses the crowd about the climate crisis, its solutions, and the hope for change. 

Featured Image: Ignition Green members Jack Si, Elaine Zhang, Ben Walls, Matthew Su, and Emily Powell (left to right) join young audience members in creating a Youth Climate Justice banner.


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