Welcome: Maya!

This week, we’d like to welcome one of Ignition Green’s newest chapter coordinators: Maya Cantu!

Maya is a sophomore at the International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas. Her passion for the environment comes from her travels around the world. From a young age, Maya has traveled with her family to countless beautiful natural places. When Maya learned of climate change and its threats, the thought of those breathtaking views not being there for future generations motivated her to take action.

Maya began studying climate change policy in governments around the world, and strived to find new and more effective ways governments can collaborate to stop climate change. She started a chapter of Ignition Green at her high school to bring together other like-minded and passionate students to share ideas for positive change.

Aside from her environmental work, Maya spends much of her time on the Lee High School Varsity softball team. She is a member of the Youth Activity Council for teen pregnancy prevention, Junior State of America, and the Spanish Honor Society.

Do you want to be part of the Ignition Green family, join our vibrant community, and work together to fight climate change? Contact us about becoming a chapter coordinator or joining Ignition Green HQ today, or join an existing school chapter!

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